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"I started my executive search business in 2002 for 2 main reasons: Firstly, I have always had a passion for working with people and teams to grow their capabilities. Secondly because in my own encounters with the recruitment industry I rarely felt that my career needs were foremost in the consultantís priorities. So I decided that I would always put my candidatesí needs at the centre of my work..........

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"Recruiting is a bit like chess, you can learn the fundamentals in an afternoon, but it takes years to master. There is no substitute for experience, aptitude, dedication and a continuous improvement mentality to master the art of delivering great quality people to our clients. My first teacher when I came into recruitment said, "You are joining one of the very few industries where the product thinks for itself!", and that is why I take nothing for granted, why I don't assume I know a candidate's mind, and why every day is another great learning experience.

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"I am the Managing Partner of our London city office in Liverpool Street, which up until the end of 2013 traded as MRI Worldwide London. Our office specializes in identifying, engaging and recruiting exceptional talent and future leaders to our banking, private wealth and wireless technology clients. Like Peter and Derek, my business career prior to recruitment has given me the necessary management..........

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