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" "Recruiting is a bit like chess, you can learn the fundamentals in an afternoon, but it takes years to master. There is no substitute for experience, aptitude, dedication and a continuous improvement mentality to master the art of delivering great quality people to our clients. My first teacher when I came into recruitment said, "You are joining one of the very few industries where the product thinks for itself!", and that is why I take nothing for granted, why I don't assume I know a candidate's mind, and why every day is another great learning experience.

We have been running 360 Search for over 11 years. We treat every candidate with the respect, courtesy and commitment that we wanted to receive when we were on their side of the desk; and as a consequence, that means we represent our clients as their ambassadors, maintaining their high standing in their industry.

My industry knowledge is founded on over 25 years experience in Blue Chip FMCG businesses, including United Biscuits, 3663, Nestle and Booker. This covers 17 years operating at Senior/Board level, including 5 years as a main Board IT Director in a £1bn business. Having spent a career in FMCG manufacturing and logistics companies, I have gained a great deal of knowledge of both Supply Chain and IT roles within these industries.

In my opinion, truly excellent recruitment is not only about placing the person with the right skills and experience in the right job, importantly there also needs to be a strong affinity between the culture of the business and the personality of the candidate. When footballers move clubs their level of success invariably is dependent upon their fit with the rest of their new team, despite their skill levels staying constant; business is no different."

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