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Interview Training

Why Is Interview Training So Important?

Firstly, there is a "War For Talent" for the best individuals in the middle to senior recruitment space. The best people are well looked after by their employers and need to be persuaded that a move to another company is a positive career step. The interview process is a key part of a company's PR campaign. If a candidate feels that they have been well-managed in the process, irrespective of the outcome, they will respect the company. If they are not impressed by the experience they will tell their friends and colleagues.

Secondly, hiring the wrong person is hugely expensive, and good interviewing skills will significantly reduce the risk of this happening.

What Our Candidates Tell Us

We debrief candidates after interview every day of the week and regularly receive feedback on the calibre of the interview. If we were to compile a report, it would not be happy reading for most CEOs or HR Directors.

Sample candidate comments include:

  • "He'd clearly not read my CV."
  • "He spent most of the time talking about the business and only asked me 3 questions."
  • "There was no structure to any of it."
  • "He didn't challenge my ability on what the brief said was the key areas; how will he decide whether I am right?"
  • "He arrived 20 minutes late, announced he'd have to keep the meeting to 30 minutes not 60, and didn't apologise."

Companies rarely get this sort of honest feedback, because it jeopardises the candidate's chances or the recruiter's relationship, but if these comments seem at all familiar, your company reputation, and your ability to make the right hire, is being seriously undermined.

How We Can Help

We can provide tailored Interview Training on a 1 to 1 or group basis to give your business the edge over your competition in the war for talent. We can provide in-house Interview Training to adddress your needs, tailored to suit you, your company style, your preferred techniques and your target recruitment objectives.

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