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Outplacement Support Services - A unique approach

360 Search provide Outplacement support as an added value service to our Executive and Management Recruitment services. We take a very flexible approach to Outlplacement, with no fixed agenda and no fixed fees. We provide a menu of services and allow our client to choose the budget and their employee to choose the service. We have developed this as we recognise that one size does not fit all outplacement situations.

We offer 2 levels of service:

Job Hunt Support.

This covers those elements of support that a person naturally looks for when looking to assess and position themselves correctly for that next career opportunity. The service is designed to allow complete flexibility to the candidate, cherry picking those elements of the service they wish to focus on whilst working within a budget allocated by their employer. All elements are charged at the same hourly rate, so the individual can easily manage his/her budget.

The Job Hunt Support service may include the following elements:

  • Career counselling
  • CV creation / advice
  • Cover letters
  • Finding That New Role / Networking
  • Interviewing skills and techniques
  • How to sell oneself.
  • What not to do while job hunting.
  • Interview practice (role play)
  • Specific Opportunity Support

Offering advice and guidance with respect to

  • Identified vacancies (‘Should I apply?’)
  • Preparing for arranged Interviews

For the duration of service being required, 360 Search will support the individual whenever required. Having someone available and willing to listen to them at the end of a phone can be as important as helping them develop their job hunt skills.

Career/Personal Coaching Support

This entails much more in-depth personal support of the candidate in what is, for most people, a very stressful period in their lives. During redundancy, people may lose confidence and/or self esteem, and need personal coaching support to motivate and reinvigorate. These additional elements include:

  • Coaching
    • Confidence building
    • Personal insight
    • Fundamental career review (is this the right profession for the future?)
  • Profiling
    • Use of psychometric tests (extended Myers Briggs ‘Step 2’), providing a full profile to confirm personality, strengths and highlight the gaps and areas for development.
  • Personal Development
    • Knowing where people are and what they want to achieve in work/life, and supporting them to get there. Practical advice to make things happen in their lives - becoming all they can be by choosing their vision, planning their route map, and applying focus and commitment to reach their destination.

For more information, please call Peter King or Derek Smith on 01494 867080.

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