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Talent Spotting

If you've already spoken to us, you know how we work. 360 Search is not a recruitment agency, and we won't be asking you for a list of vacancies in your company. Nor will we call you two weeks after spotting one of your job ads in the hope you've had a poor response.

What we will do is present brief and succinct details about a prime candidate, whose background has been extensively researched and verified and whom we believe might be an asset to your team, division or company. We're very fussy indeed about who we agree to market in this way and as a result we promote very few top performing individuals. If you like what you hear (whether or not you have an immediate opportunity) we'll encourage you to either have a telephone conversation or a meeting to get to know each other better.

Many of our clients like to ask us about industry trends, what the competition's up to, and many other business issues. Within the strict boundaries of client confidentiality we're happy to oblige.

You may even want to talk about your own career. That's fine. Most of our clients do.

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