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Moving to a New Job


Moving from one part of the country to another is a major undertaking and all parties involved in the decision need to be consulted as soon as possible. It is crucially important to think through the ramifications of this with your family and friends before you agree to go for interview to a company geographically distant from home.

To state the obvious, the first step is to talk to your partner. What impact would a move have on his or her social life, family networking, present career, potential for future employment?

If you have children, is it desirable to take them away from their friends and familiar surroundings? Are the schools in the new area better or worse? If they are taking examinations soon, what effect might significant disruption have on their ability to get good results? And don't forget your parents too. How might they feel if you moved away?

Also remember

  • There are wide differentials in property prices and the cost of living in different parts of the country.
  • The cost to move home is growing year on year, and companies are reticent to give relocation allowances, and when they do, the allowance rarely acts as more than a contribution to the overall cost.
  • The time to sell as house, especially in the current uncertain economic climate, can be very lengthy, and certainly longer than most notice periods to start a new job. So you may find yourself living away from the family for a period at the start of your new role.


    Long commutes have become commonplace, mainly for the reasons given above. If you are considering a long commute, think carefully about how much time you would be prepared to spend driving each day, as well as the effect of rush hour traffic, clogged motorways and road works, on your physical and mental well-being. Also factor in the fuel costs if these are not covered by your employer’s expense scheme. Depending upon your role, talk to your new employer or recruitment agent to see whether the role can be partially home based to avoid unnecessary travel.

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