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Choosing A New Employer

There's an infinite range of organisations out there, from small start ups to large global corporations. Each has its own distinct culture and way of doing things, as well as advantages and disadvantages. Take the time to think about your own needs and preferences when choosing the type of company you might wish to work for. Give some serious thought to which companies you admire and might like to work for, and which you would prefer to avoid. Keep track of views of others as you network around industry.

A smaller company might provide much wider scope, variety and responsibility in a particular role compared to one with the same title in a much larger organisation. On the other hand there may be better training and far more opportunities to progress into other roles in a larger company. The key question is to ask yourself, "what is important to me?

We will counsel you on these matters and guide you towards an informed decision. Our consultants have a good understanding of what different companies are like to work for. After all, we talk to hundreds of senior managers in our client companies every week.

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